I went with Chris (of Cubeecraft) and his friends to eat at Baoguette before the Pulp show. I would never suspect him of being a Pulp fan …but maybe that makes sense. I’m a nerd and Jarvis Cocker (the singer) kinda looks like Harry Potter. Nothing against Chris. I’m just saying he likes comic books and video games. Nothing against that. I like that stuff …and maybe Jarvis does too. I just thought that Pulp fans hung out at BritPop night wearing their skinny pants …like me.

The guy at Baoguette let me change my order from the regular Pork Banh Mi to the Catfish Vietnamese sandwich. Chris was very helpful to buy the extra Pork sandwich they made for me by mistake. I think they forgot I changed my order. I know the Pork one is good. But dang, the catfish one was good too. I like how the bottom of the bun looks like comic book dots. How come I don’t eat more of this shit? I work closeby. Carbs?

Baoguette - 61 Lexington Ave (btwn 25th & 26th St) New York, NY 10010

And then onto the Pulp show. Chromatics opened up. I digged them. They even sat in the same row as me when Pulp played. Very blessed to have such good seats.

Then once everyone started piling in for the sold out show, I realized I was surrounded by three other single Asian dudes. I looked around. We were the only Asians and we sat right next to each other. The Four Muskateers. The one right in front of me was freaking out the whole time –too hot; the one to my right was crossing his arms the whole time –too cold (He caught a Snickers from Jarvis); and I was in the middle –just right. I forget. Am I the baby bear or Goldilocks?

I thought I shot a whole video of this dude in front of me for one of my favorite Pulp songs, Disco 2000, but my camera or my pushing the record button finger is stupid.

Anyway, I love Pulp. I am so grateful to see them and will see them again tomorrow at Radio City Music Hall. Does that make me Annie or Daddy Warbucks? …it’s late.

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