Last night went to see my friends, Ape School, at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. They got a cool new 7″, Blame Mark Griffey —sort of an inside joke I take it back to my college days. They were great and play another show tonight (April 7th) at The Middle East in Boston with The War on Drugs, who were also really good last night.

I had a bad case of recognizing people last night. I met this guy Brian and the whole time I thought he was from Philly. We talked for a while, then it occurred to me that I’ve met him many times before, he lives in NY and we’ve been Facebook friends for a couple of years. I’m so stupid.

After the show, David took me to Crif Dogs (in Williamsburg?). I didn’t know there was one here in my backyard. Got the Good Morning Dog (bacon wrapped dog smothered with melted cheese and a fried egg). Did good after several beers. I kinda want one right now.

Crif Dogs - 555 Driggs Ave (btwn 7th St & 6th St) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Back to not being able to recognize people –We went to my friend, Sam’s birthday at Grand Victory (formerly Bruar Falls). Dance party! I saw a cute girl that my friend had just posted of her at DiFara’s pizza on FB. I Liked the photo and was bold enough to ask “Who that chick?” My friend said I already met her recently and had a long conversation about my White on White Rice video. Oh yeah. So this girl comes up and starts dancing with me after I smiled at her. I said, “I just saw you on Facebook with a big pizza!” And she was like “Nah, I’m not on Facebook”, then proceeded to rub her booty on me. Turns out pizza girl was there, but that wasn’t her. Anyway, this whole time all I needed to do was smile at girls?

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