A bite at Crif Dogs before karaoke. I was curious about the “Stoner Pack” which is a grab bag of food for $10. I couldn’t find any pics or contents of what people have gotten. I thought I would be the first to foodblog it, but I really wanted to try the Spicy Redneck – House Dog, Bacon Wrapped, with Chili, Cole Slaw, and Jalapenos… so chalk another one up to pussying out.

We brought some Japanese treats from JasMart to Toto Karaoke.
Here are Yoshie’s translations:
karaoke cheetos: “Umai-wa“  – means “delicious ring”
uni flavored puff: ”Huwamaru“  – loosely translates to “soft snacks”
edamame puffs: “Beano

Even though karaoke was BYOB, that room ended up over $400 for 4 hours. Dang. At least the sun hadn’t risen when we walked out. That’s happened a few times before.

Crif Dogs – 113 St Marks Pl (btw Ave A & 1st Ave) New York 10009
Toto Music Studio – 38 W 32nd St #5 New York, NY 10001 …I often think back to my surprise b-day party at this Karaoke place when I want to get to an Attitude of Gratitude. Dimebag Darrell guitar cake with lightning boltz!
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