I did it. I McRibbed. It wasn’t as tasty and tangy as I remembered. Seemed a little bland. I thought it could use some salt. Is that weird to say that McDonald’s food needs more salt? Ooh, hot sauce would be fantastic on it. It was as messy as I remembered. That sauce gets all over my hands and face. It was hard to get the smell off my fingers …even after wiping my butt. Yet still I crave to have another one or two before it’s over. The McRib is back!

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  1. Kim Jong Il

    I think it really depends on how freshly made the sandwich is. Yours look like the McRib in Flushing McD I just had for a lunch. Pretty disappointing when I took the first bite. I can tell that the meat has been sitting in a heat tank for awhile and already doused in the BBQ sauce. The sauce has already begin to thicken from sitting around. The one I had 2 days ago at Whitestone McD was out of this world. It was piping hot. The sauce was thin and had Southern BBQ sauce feel. All that 28gms of fat hasn’t cooled off a bit when I took the first bite. The “meat” was tender. Plus, they dumped tons of onions at the very last moment so it didn’t wilt from the heat.

    I think I am done with McRib for this year. Today’s lunch really ruined it for me after having such a huge high the other day.

  2. Tampa Bay Food Monster

    apparently they used to come with a packet of spicy barbecue sauce to add heat to it. but even though i’m way into spicy, i feel like it would be too much for the mcrib – it’s perfect as it is.

    then again, i am hopelessly addicted to those things, so i may be biased.


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