I had the perfect meal the other night for this chilly weather –Beef Belly Noodle Soup from Grand Bo Ky. This is the first time I’ve been to this Bo Ky.  I’ve always loved the other one on Bayard for their Curry noodle soup. This newer one on Grand Street has brighter florescent lights, which kinda scared me away the first time I walked by. It doesn’t look as cool as the original, but the food is still awesome.

The stewed beef broth flavor tasted so good. The meat was tender. The tendons melted in my mouth. This was the best tendons I’ve ever had. It wasn’t chewy at all. My teeth bit right into it like dense Jell-O. I probably sat too close to the door, because of the cold draft that kept hitting me every time someone entered. But this soup warmed me up just right.

Only $5! I like the flat Ho Fun noodles.

Grand Bo Ky – 216 Grand St. (btwn Mott & Elizabeth) NYC 10013

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  1. Dave

    WOw! There’s a new Bo Ky?! Good for them!

    It’s been years since I’ve moved to San Francisco (1994) but my last trip back (2002) to Bo Ky on Bayard reminded me of how much better down home East Asian village-style street cooking is over in NYC than even San Francisco. They were still struggling to get things back online after 9/11 pretty much shut down lower Manhattan for a while. I spoke with Angle in our native Teochu but couldn’t convince him to try and start something here in San Francisco. He would have made a bundle here, there’s nothing like Bo Ky.

    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      Thanks for the input. I never thought much about restaurant struggles after 9/11. I only recently learned about restaurants post-Katrina.


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