Dang, I can’t believe Ho May Kitchen got an A on their health inspection. I just looked it up and it is real! Although the Daily News has an article about another Chinese take out posting a fake letter grade, this one is legit. Dang, Ho May! You did better than Cer te and Shake Shack UES.

Here’s the time I talked about going up to their bullet proof glass to order Sweet & Sour Chicken.

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  1. toddles

    ho may puts more egg in their egg drop soup than anyone else in town.

  2. RecipeOfTheWeek

    Holy cow! No way! I lived just down the block from this place and passed by it on a daily basis on the way to the L train. The place is super shady, but there fried chicken smelled bad ass.

    The letter A grade is a joke! haha!


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