I’ve always been curious about this dirty looking Chinese take-out across from the projects and down the sketchy street from me. Todd said when you go in, you come out smelling like grease. Ho May means “good aroma” in Chinese. So I wanted to know what if this “good aroma” really smelled like grease.

I ordered the Sweet & Sour Chicken with Pork Fried Rice ($6) from the other side of the bullet proof glass. You have to stick your arm through the slot like a mouse maze to pay and get your food. Looking at the bullet proof glass, their specials are mozzarella sticks and Tang. The food was solid as any regular Chinese-American take-out goes. The chicken’s fried battered breading had a slight thin airy crunch to it. I was satisfied and stuffed.

I did end up smelling like Chinese food though. Sorta like how I could smell my parents all the way from my bed when they got home from work at their restaurant –like Chinese food. Like comfort.

Ho May Kitchen – 100 Woodpoint Road (@ Kingsland Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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