Jody & Christa met up with us in New Orleans and they were starvin. Once again, where to eat in the French Quarter? This time we used Sam’s iPhone to tell us. First place was a bust. Second on the map was the Johnny’s Po-Boys we ran into after our breakfast, but I knew they were closed because it was 4pm. Sam called them anyway to make sure. They were, but he asked if they had any suggestions for a good non-touristy place and they said Cafe Maspero.

We got in right before the heavy yet short rain storm hit. The food was good. Jambalaya was much better than Corner Oyster House. Not saucey. Christa ordered the Veggie Muffaletta, which was much more olive tasting than the meat version we had at the Napoleon House. Jody hates olives, so no taste for him.

We walked over to look at the Mississippi River. Got bored because there were no beers. Then headed back to Bourbon St to be part of the stupidness. So many beer specials –Huge Ass Beers To Go, 2 for 1 beers. We ended up at the 3 for 1 beer place, because it sounds like a better deal. There, we saw an MC on the mic going nutz by himself on the dance floor and a shot girl selling 20 shots from her boobs to this one old man.  After, she moved onto another scraggly old man. The first old man looked sad.

Cafe Maspero – 601 Decatur St. New Orleans, LA 70130

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