Two cool things released today.

1) Pocket’s “Surround Him with Love” EP/Single featuring Robyn Hitchcock, with a bonus track track feat my friend Shonali Bhowmik of Tigers and Monkeys (which I proudly helped record the vocals).

2) Three21 Media’s new music video site Channel Three/21.
Established video director, Rik Cordero (Nas, Snoop Dogg, The Roots, Q-Tip), has always been a good friend and made numerous videos for me and my bands. Wish him & Nancy the best of luck.

Here are a few Rik made for me…
Tigers and Monkeys – “Fire Escape” featuring Fred Armisen

Justice of the Unicorns – “Polar Bear”

The Mighty Sweet – “Park Park” …I played the pill and the baby.

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  1. Grebulon

    Wow! Thanks for posting these. The T&M video and song are amazing. Hope to see you guys perform soon.

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