This sandwich is the big buzz around town. Todd sent me a link to this article on FreeWilliamsburg about the Godfather Hero at a meat shop in our neighborhood. When I showed up early Sunday, there was a line of people and a video crew shooting the guy making it. So I came back a few hours later. The owner was talking about how they’ve been so busy lately because of all the buzz.

The younger guy made my sandwich ($7). He put a lot of stuff on it and sauces. The Godfather is a very fine Italian sandwich, dripping with juices. It got all over my K-Swiss Tubes. Not that I needed it, but how do I get my sandwich even more stuffed like the photo on FreeWilliamsburg/Yelp? …Because that photo is ridiculous. Maybe they were running out of stuff. The guy after me tried to order the sandwich and they had to use some different bread because they were out.

…Willie’s Italian Special is supposed to be hot too.

Graham Ave Meats & Deli – 445 Graham Ave (btwn Frost & Richardson) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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