Uncle Marce wanted to pick up some of his favorite Almond Cookies. I just wanted to pick up a beer. We went to Happy Star Bakery in Chinatown/LES, formerly named Sun Light Bakery, where I once got a Chinese Sausage Bun.

I saw a Chicken Cutlet Sandwich and really wanted it. So Uncle Marce bought it for me. It had the baked style bun that they use for a lot of stuff –slightly sweet bread. I think it was around $1.75. Pretty good for sitting around in the little heating cabinet.

The Almond Cookies were pretty good too. Crumbly and chalk, like how I think Chinese people like it. I think Uncle Marce likes to treat himself sometimes.

We also picked up some Steamed Pork Buns. They were soggy and wet. Not good.

Happy Star Bakery - 160 E Broadway (@ Pike St) New York, NY 10002

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