It’s been so wet in NY this week. I went out for lunch and a guy unknowingly poked me with his umbrella in my crotch twice. The first time he was strutting passed me with his arms swinging and his closed umbrella tapped me down there. I was stunned. Then ten seconds later, he stopped right in front of me to tie his shoe and it happened again. He didn’t even know. Maybe it’s payback for that time at Matchless. I used to be afraid of people poking me in the eye with their sharp umbrella tips. I didn’t know I had to worry about my crotch.

I ended up grabbing a Chicken & Lamb over Rice ($5) from United Halal Cart on 5th Ave between 26th & 27th St near Madison Square Park. Nothing special compared to the other Halal carts nearby, except the rice was heavy on the saffron and kinda tasted like mushy paella. The guy seemed nice.

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  1. Sam Shady

    Have you ever thought that it’s vice versa and your massive crotch was touching his umbrella?


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