I think we had too many Miller Lites with the new Vortex Bottle at Sam Jayne’s show. It’s dangerous because the beer funnels out faster. We stumbled our way to Yola’s Cafe into the newly expanded side of the Mexican restaurant. I opened the menu and picked the grossest sounding dish right in the middle of the page —Beef Tongue Texan Nachos.

The chips were stale, but the big chunks of beef tongue were some of the best I’ve ever had. Very tender and the fibrous muscle peeled apart from itself so easily. It was almost like slow-cooked pulled pork. There was a lot of food and a lot of tongue there. I could only eat about a third before I got sick of it. Rusty had gone back to Good Co. bar to get his windbreaker jacket. When he got back, he forgot what I ordered. I knew I had to get food inside him like Hasselhoff, so I kept my mouth shut and told him it was just beef. I can’t tell if that makes me a good or bad friend.

Yola’s Cafe – 524 Metropolitan Ave (btwn Lorimer & Union Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11211
…The tacos are solid if you don’t want to chance it.

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  1. Tio Wally

    Lengua: Truly one of the most under-appreciated cuts of beef on the planet. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.


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