Todd and I were hungry and started to talk about getting brunch around 1pm. Then it turned into 2 because I was bloggin, then I had to take a shower, then he had to take a dump. Then it was after 3:30pm when I left the apartment and we waited for a bus to take us to Greenpoint. We got on close to 4pm. Then got a few blocks down the road and realized maybe we should go to OAK Wine Bar that was right at the initial bus stop. We had a 50% off Scoutmob coupon. So we got off the bus and walked back to OAK, but dinner service didn’t start until 5pm. So we dranked at Mother’s until then. Beer fills you up on an empty stomach, but also gets you drunk.

The 50% off Scoutmob deal is pretty cool. You don’t have to buy it beforehand like Groupon. You just show them your coupon on your phone. But since it was during Happy Hour, we had the choice of either getting cheaper drinks or using the 50% off dinner with pricier drinks. We went with the Scoutmob deal which got us $20 off. That’s a pretty good deal.

We started off with the Bratwurst sausages and Pretzel. That was really good. We were kind of full by then. But we also ordered the Chicken Schnitzel, which was big but a little dry, and the Drunken Baby Ribs over Mashed Potatoes. People have told me how much they like these. Todd thought it was the best ribs he’s ever had when he had them delivered to his home. This time Todd didn’t think they were as good, not as tender and juicy. They were pretty decent I thought. Very large meaty ribs. Looked good.

After dinner or breakfast or brunch or whatever it was called, we ordered a Latte and Cappuccino each. They were good, but they looked exactly the same. I’m not sure what the difference is.

The Scoutmob deal still works for OAK if you use the phone app (until 1/28/2013). Plus, they have a bunch of other 50% off deals.

OAK Restaurant & Wine Bar – 361 Graham Ave (btwn Conselyea & Metropolitan Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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