Matt’s been raving about Baja Fresh since he found out they have them in NY. Being from San Diego, he always thought the West Coast chain was the closest to West Coast Mexican food you could get for being fast food. I expected it to be like a Qdoba. So not until I saw Rain Wilson mention Baja Fresh in this video on The Edge, I was willing to go.

Matt got a shrimp taco, fish taco and a water. That was all $10. Insane. I went with the fish burrito, another $10. The fish was a fried stick. The mango salsa tasted like a can of fruit cocktail with cilantro. Matt felt so bad he took me there. I thought it was like a Qdoba.

At least I got to play the free piano in Herald Square. I think I scared all the tourists.

Baja Fresh – 1441 Broadway (btwn 40 & 41st ST) New York, NY 10018

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  1. Yvo

    Nah. You probably excited the tourists and made them feel like they witnessed something “only in NYC”. So that is like, helping the world and really, quite a nice thing you did.


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