I went back to the South Street Seaport the next day for the 4Knots Music Festival. Davilla 666 is one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a while. They are like the Puerto Rican Black Lips. Singing in Spanish makes it awesome.

Shonali got me on a boat that was handing out Jimmy Buffet beer, called Land Shark. I didn’t know Jimmy Buffet had a beer. Would be the perfect beer to serve at my restaurant concept, Jimmy Buffet’s Homestyle Buffet.

We were trying to pick a place to eat. I only knew of the Russian Bath House restaurant I went to the previous night. I’ve always thought the restaurants at the South Street Seaport looked pretty nice, although touristy. We ended up at RED Mexican restaurant. Yep, the food and drinks were very touristy. The flavors were very tomato-y. I felt very much at home …in Orlando.

RED – 19 Fulton St (btwn Front & Water St) New York 10038


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