greg told me a story how the management at la superior told cabbers that came specifically to their restaurant to leave and how they dont want to get too big. all i think about is the soup nazi. so i was a little intimidated about bringing my camera. after taking a few shots, the owner came over and gestured to hand over my camera. oh shit. instead he takes a photo of us and brings me a shot of tequila.

over to ionas for ping pong and more free shots from the wild turkey girls. then over to snackys for beers, buns and shots.

La Superior – 295 Berry Street (btw 2nd & 3rd St) Brooklyn, NY 11211
Iona – 180 Grand St (btw 1st St & Bedford) Brooklyn, NY 11211
Snacky – 187 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. Monica

    Have you tried the soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai? Best ever. Those buns reminded me of them. Thanks for sharing your pix!

  2. admin

    ha yeah. I went there with a friend late late at night a couple of years ago. We were craving for steamed bbq pork buns. Ordered the “steamed juicy pork buns” thinking that was it. When we dug in, I thought it wasn’t cooked all the way and wondered why it was all wet. It was like drinking coke when you were thinking it’s milk. Now I love those things.

  3. greg

    I still can’t believe you won over the Superioir owner.

    What were the final taco placings again?
    1) camerón al chipolte
    2) carne asada
    3) cochinta pibil ?


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