stumbled upon the deluxe food market in chinatown. its a grand foodbloggin experience.  everyone is chinese. after paul mckenna made me confident, i stand up and say “bahk fahn” and “yut gah”. otherwise i have no idea how one would order if not a chinaman.  after seeming chinese they go ahead and charge me only $4.35 for my lunch box and scallion bun. “mh-goy!”

Deluxe Food Market – 81 Elizabeth St (btwn Grand & Hester St), NYC 10013

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  1. S. Foxx

    As a gringo I never knew what to do in that place. So I stopped going. Maybe I should try again.

  2. Me So Hungry – FOOD BLOG! » Deluxe Food Market

    […] Back at Deluxe Food Market on both Elizabeth and Mott Streets for some lunch. I got the pork rice noodle roll (cheong fun) for $2 and a lunch box to go where I picked three items over rice for $3.75. There’s actually two locations in the store you can get the point & point lunch boxes –One on the Elizabeth St side and the other on Mott. I got sweet pumpkin/potato-like squash, bak choy and some beef with stomach lining. The rice noodle roll filled me up and I tried to dig into the lunch box, but I happened to pick items that didn’t taste well together. Each on their own was fine. Oh well, at least it was cheap. I need to remember to always get their curry chicken & potatoes. That’s da bomb. […]


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