I started last night off at the Orchard CMJ party at Brooklyn Bowl. Ted Leo and Royce da 5’9 were playing. There was a British band called the Scoundrels (think Spoon meets John Mayer) that sang a song that goes “Makes Me Horny”. I was wondering if it was for real, because they didn’t look like a joke band. But then they played a song called “Sexy Weekend” and then I kinda liked them.

I ditched the show and headed off in the rain to the Knitting Factory to see my friends’ band play. Dinner first at St. Anselm next door. I’ve heard this place is the big shit now revamped as a steakhouse. I came here for a year ago for the Boar Belly Sandwich and Fried Pickles. There was no one in there that last time. Now it was packed.

Prices seemed reasonable. The Butcher’s Steak everyone was getting was $15 and looked pretty good.

I asked if they had a Ribeye for one (noted for two on the menu). The waiter asked and came back to tell me the smallest they could give me was 53 ounces. He kinda egged me on to be that guy everyone would be talking about. I’m into that, but I can only handle doing two or three stupid things a week.

I saw the Bone-in Ribeye on the grill. It was insane. I can understand why the smallest was 53 ounces …and meant for 2+.

The waiter led me to the Lamb Saddle. Fuck. He didn’t do me wrong. That Lamb Saddle was amazing. Better than the lamb saddle (Mutton Chop) at Keens. Having a bite on the fatty end was some of the best meat I’ve ever put in my mouth.

The Lamb Saddle ended up costing $40.25, which is a pretty decent price for what it was. Spinach Gratin was good too.

St. Anselm – 355 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Afterwards I had a blast at the Knitting Factory with The Berreracudas and my favorite band from the 4Knots Festival, Davila 666.

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