Met up with Sam and Ashley at Webster Hall to see AKB48‘s U.S. debut. They’re a bunch of super young Japanese girls singing Japanese pop tunes with choreographed dancing and being all kawaii. There were a lot of guys there to see it. There was an older man where I thought his head was going to explode when they were all saying “thank you” and “goodbye” for five minutes at the end of the show –his hand on the back of his head like “OMG!” and wiping the drool off his chin with his arm. That was probably the best day of his life.

Then to Oh! Taisho on St. Marks (the one closer to 3rd Ave which I’ve never been to because it’s usually crowded.) My favorite dish – the Mentai Potatoes (steak cut fries with cod roe mayo sauce, which is like fancy sauce but with cod roe instead of ketchup). The chicken heart skewer tasted like tougher beef. The Takoyaki Octopus in Dumpling Balls was like a fried ball of hot burning (temp.) mayo type sauce and little bit of octopus. I saw the short bearded Oh! Taisho man that’s on the menu as a cartoon. He looks just like the cartoon.

Oh! Taisho – 5 St Marks Place (btw 2nd & 3rd Ave) New York, NY 10003

Here’s AKB48 at Webster Hall I found on Youtube

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