I got this in my inbox –a rap written for me and my food blog by two girls Matt and I met at the Brooklyn Meatup last week.

“food blogging gone horribly wrong”

hanging out wednesdays, gnawing on meat,
check out those chicks, don’t they look sweet?
shot down baby, ain’t no love connection.
that’s a-ight, girl, it’s good for the digestion.

cupcake’s got a kimchee dog, cabbage in her teeth,
scruffy’s swillin’ greyhounds, served to her by keith.
archie’s up in cupcake’s mug, sniffin’ for a kiss,
cupcake’s smacking gum, says “you want a piece of this?”

kimchee breath: melting that moustache
kimchee breath: smells worse than a fart
kimchee breath: why you do this to me, baby?
kimchee breath: girl, you’re breaking my heart.

-scruffy jill (and cupcake katie, by way of cc)

Kimchi on a hot dog from Asia Dog
02 Ginny - Kimchi & Seaweed Flakes over Hot Dog - Asia Dog

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