We checked out the Tofu House menu for the vegetarian in our group. Turns out that just because it’s called Tofu House, it doesn’t mean it’s a vegetarian restaurant like I thought. All the tofu dishes have meat in them and possibly meat broth. They did end up having one vegetarian dish, I assume from all the vegetarians that mistakenly go there.

They brought out the assorted Korean side dishes (kimchi, pickles, fried fish, etc.) and rice in hot stone pots to make it nice and crunchy on the edges. I ordered the Curry Premium Tofu which was sort of bland until I threw in the kimchi and pickles. I was hoping for some creamy curry, but it was very watery …possibly liquefied from the intense heat of the pots. The red sauce tofu dishes looked better but I quite can’t say for sure. It was fun to crack the raw egg into the bubbling hot pot and let it cook. Near the end of the meal, the waiter came by and put water into our old stone pots that had scraps of rice left in it to make soup. I don’t get the rice water soup. I’m sure someone else can explain this better.

Tofu House – 3575 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010
Tofu House is a chain with locations in California, NY, Seattle, Korean & Japan. Go with a non-pesce-vegetarians. You’ll get bonus fish!

Cracking an egg in the bubbling hot stone pot

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  1. jessica

    I’ve been to this place before. I always get just standard clay pot tofu with seafood or wontons, and it’s always been fantastic. It’s something to do with what they make the broth with, I can’t figure it out. I don’t really understand the rice water thing either, though..every time I go there I think it might be good but it’s always just strange.


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