This morning I looked at the nutritional facts on a can of Corned Beef Hash. 425 calories per serving + 2 servings per can = I’m eating 850 calories plus whatever 2 eggs and 2 hashbrowns have. On top of all the other crap I’ve been eating lately, I’m somehow losing weight. I’m down to 143 with clothes and shoes and a few beers. Is it all mental? Should I thank or curse Paul McKenna for making me thin? It seems like when you’re worried about getting fat, you start putting on the pounds no matter how little you try to eat. When you think you’re thin no matter how much you eat, you stay thin. It’s like how Christina Aguilera can eat Whoppers everyday.

My friend Marcellus just sent me this screenshot of Don Draper and his gut. I hope this isn’t a curse. You know how much I want to be like Don Draper. I got my confidence going. I just hope I don’t get my gut going.
01 Corned Beef Hash wih Hash Browns and Egg
Don Draper's gut

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  1. Tio Wally

    J: Unexplained weight loss is not a good thing. Got health insurance? Been to a doctor lately? I experienced the same thing and it turned out I had Type II Diabetes. Mind you, I was not overweight and, other than the weight loss, had none of the “classic” symptoms. Hopefully, your weight loss will turn out to be nothing more than a subconscious desire to be svelte; you once said you wanted to be called “pretty.” Regardless, it is much better to find out sooner than later. ¡Buenos suerte, hombre lindo!

  2. chinolam

    @Tio… thanks for the advice. I should get a checkup anyway. I haven’t been in years. Here’s hoping it’s just my desire to be pretty.

    @anon… too late. I already put it on my dreamboard.

  3. Tio Wally

    Hmmm. Wanting to be like Don Draper is already on your dreamboard. Since you’ve already won the coupon for a haircut, all you need now is a supply of Sammy Sosa’sâ„¢ Formula 609® and you’re there!

    Futurewoman: (swooning, aflutter) Aren’t you Don Draper?

    Chinolam Man: Yes. Yes I am … (holds up jar of Sammy Sosa’sâ„¢ Formula 609® and winks) … thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon.

  4. chinolam

    @tio… I think you got it. I just wonder how you get the â„¢ sign in my comments.
    @anon… yes, it’s hello kitty-ish, but not Hello Kittyâ„¢

  5. Tio Wally

    To get a TM hold down the option key and hit “2”.â„¢ (On a Mac anyway.)

  6. Anonymous

    i agree with tio, i’m a MD and unexplained wt loss needs to be investigated.


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