I was asked to audition for another food TV show today. They asked me to bring in some food and explain it. I brought in a cold Egg McMuffin. “How does it taste? Explain the textures.” I said it tasted cold. Then it was like American Idol when they stop you after a few seconds of singing. They’ve heard enough.

I keep auditioning for these things –and I feel it’s like when I was little, they kept making me take the Gifted test every year because I looked smart. I just look Asian. …Now I’m a weirdo, people think I should have a show.

I probably didn’t fare too well today when the first words out of my mouth were cuss words …or when I accidentally interrupted the audition ahead of me, who happened to be my friend Dan from VendrTV. He gave me some awesome lil burgers that he picked up from White Manna in Jersey when he left. Those were good and greasy. I was too busy stuffing my mouth with them while trying to talk about my Egg McMuffin.

Anyway, another audition down, another few lessons learned. At least I finally got up early enough to grab my favorite childhood breakfast sandwich (hash brown in between) and also share those tasty White Manna burgers with a shoe-less subway guy having an imaginary conversation with himself. I wonder if they liked the burger.

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