Wo Hop, the iconic New York Chinatown restaurant running 24 hours a day. The important thing to know is that you want to go to the real Wo Hop in the small downstairs dining room of 17 Mott St (with the long line) and not the street level Wo Hop on 15 Mott. They aren’t related as commonly believed. After reading plenty of Yelp reviews, I played it safe and ordered the Beef Chow Fun to go. Yep, taste like Beef Chow Fun, just like at any other Chinese restaurant. Nothing spectacular. A little bland. I would have liked it if it was more greasy. As with the Yelp reviews, they did mention the food going to downhill in the past several years. That’s too bad. You rarely hear of restaurants getting better.

Wo Hop – 17 Mott St (basement) New York, NY 10013
01 Wo Hop Restaurant02 Beef Chow Fun - Wo Hop

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  1. (( SKY ))

    I always see tourist going there to eat, don’t know why. I never went there before. Maybe I should stop by for a takeout.


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