The weather’s been nuts lately, but there’s street vendor still out cooking it up. I got a pork torta sandwich from the lil taco cart man on 6th Ave between 28th & 29th St. I watched him grill up my pork, mayo the bread, scooped fresh avacado, etc. Another man tugged his food cart by and stopped to chat with the lil taco man. The guy looked drunk or homeless. He asked, “Mucho dinero?” The taco man responded, “Mucho frio!” Yeah it was mucho frio.

The pork was cripsy and tasted like a cross between bacon, Scrapple and maybe chicken? It was good greasy mess for $5. My office chair has never seen so much pork.

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  1. Evan

    Got this today. Killer! I ordered a carnitas torta (might not be exactly the same as ordering a pork one. They knew what was up. Crispy. Crunchy. Fatty. Delicious! Naptime. Def. officially part of my hungover lunch rotation.


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