Out with friends at the Levee bar in Williamsburg Brooklyn, where they serve PB&J, chili dogs, Frito Pies, Bologna & Cheese sandwiches. Tried the Frito Pie (Frito chips, melted cheese & chili). We played Jenga and it turned into a Jenga Pie. I missed bloggin Ashley’s vegetarian bologna sandwich. She ordered a second one and said it was funny when the bar is super packed with people wanting a beer and the bartender is spreading Miracle Whip on your sandwich. I wonder why I regret missing an opportunity to blog a bologna sandwich.

The Levee – 212 Berry St. Brooklyn, NY 11211
01 Frito Pie at the LeveeJenga Frito Pie

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  1. Javier Villegas

    You sure that isn’t lunch at Riker’s Island?? I think the health dept. should pay the Levee a visit!!


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