This little Chinese restaurant on Bayard St is very local friendly. The people dining looked like they’ve hung out there for years, if not decades. The Chinese mailman was jabbing with the old white man with a rubber band holding the back of his glasses, who bought all these Chinese pills. I think the old man was trying to figure out what he got. The mailman jokingly told him one of the bottles was like Viagra. I thought it was funny. And the other bottle clearly stated Kidney pills. Then I felt sad.

I got the Five Spiced Beef Stew for $3.95. It consisted of low grade cuts and parts of the stomach. Very very tender. I wonder if Chinese restaurants have these meats stewing all day long to get them this tender. At the front of the restaurant, the lady is serving already-brewed teas which I saw several people come in and out just for. Yuen Yuen has its charm.

Yuen Yuen Restaurant – 61 Bayard St. New York, NY 10079
01 Yuen Yuen Restaurant02 Five Spice Beef Stew

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  1. kim

    I used to go there for the red bean ice. It’s not top quality, but I like to suppose these mom and pop businesses. They also serve lots of Chinese sweet soups as well.

    • admin

      @kim… oh yeah, I saw one of the guys bring out small cartons of the sweet papaya soup. And they just brought one of them to a table. I’m not sure if they even ordered it, but it was like as someone’s uncle was feeding them.

  2. Guest

    My favorite dish at Yuen Yuen was not really a dish at all, but its soft serve ice cream, which came in mango or coconut flavor. I usually requested the combination.

    No other restaurant I know had that flavor combination.


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