Just landed into Seattle where my sister picked me up from the airport. She asked me if I wanted to eat anything. I say Banh Mi! Seattle and San Fran are supposed to have some of the best Vietnamese sandwiches in the States. She took me to one of the best, Seattle Deli. They were closing shop and ran out of the roast pork, so I chose one combo and one special. I don’t know what the differences were. Maybe a combo is a special?

Sorry to say I was quite disappointed. I felt like I was just eating a regular cold cut sandwich on a baguette. I didn’t get any flavors out of the pickled carrots & daikon. I asked for it spicy, but didn’t feel the heat. It was dry. If there was mayo or pate, it was some slim spread.

The good news is that the Banh Mi’s are super cheap at $2 to $2.50, much cheaper than any place I know of in New York. But as far as flavor, I just don’t know.

Seattle Deli – 225 12th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98144

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