This past weekend, I visited Rik and Nancy while they were shooting a tribute video for their good friend Seth, who’s recovering in the hospital. It was very touching how many people came to support. I can tell he’s very loved and there are many people that are very loving in this world.

On my way to the train, I stopped in for Filipino lunch at Sa Aming Nayon in the East Village. Service was a little weird. I think they just forgot about me. And when I asked for a menu, it was really awkward. They were very apologetic.

I went with the Dinuguan (Pork Cheeks with Pork Blood cooked in vinegar). I’m not sure what pulled me in –the Pork Cheeks or the Pork Blood? I started to regret my decision immediately after I ordered.

It came out. Looked pretty good. Tasted really good. The bloody vinegar sauce complimented the tender pork cheeks. The sauce had a bit of a livery taste and grainy texture. I didn’t regret it after.

Sa Aming Nayon - 201 1st Ave (btwn E 12th & 13th St) New York, NY 10003

Here’s the tribute video…

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  1. TT

    you gotta go back and get the crispy Pata. huge pork foot deep fried. it was awesome.


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