I started hyperventalating when I found out about Kung Fu Bing on Midtownlunch and SeriousEats. So perhaps the review was terrible on SeriousEats, but look at that Panda! Roti Canai style pancake wrap with sandwich filling –that sounds right up my alley. I chose the beef and egg. The egg worked well in the sandwich. I can’t say much for the beef burger patty. I don’t think it added anything. The freshly made roti pancake was buttery, flakey, greasy –all in a delicious way. After reading SeriousEats, it sounds horrible for you, but it can’t be any worse than the sesame pancake sandwiches at Vanessa’s Dumplings. Kung Fu Bing – for those who love greasy sandwiches, bubble tea, pandas or possibly furries.

Kung Fu Bing – (CLOSED) 79 Division Street (btw Eldridge & Allen St) New York, NY 10002

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