sept 11th is a special day that marks the 1 year anniversary of being a pickup artist. anthony and me go celebrate at the feast of san gennaro where the marching parade went down wrong street with no one around and have to turn around. i remember the first day i came to new york i ran into san gennaro festival. i keep thinking the next block might have better food so i keep going and going and going. then realize it is the same block as the first. this time no mozzarepa or zeppoles. lets try the beef on the grill thing! dang $14! its okay but next time i use my money to buy a mix cd?

we meet up with friends for beers at botanical bar. i remember a lot of shouting and excitement. we were talk about zeppoles!

then off to black rabbit in greenpoint for erics birthday. i know they have tasty sliders but i forgot to order food. so we foodblog the dog. no one has duck sauce. they make fancy absinthe drink.  and i am sauced. when i wake up the next morning and brush my teef, i make to the realization that erics gf is on the office!

Feast of San Gennaro – Mulberry Street in Little Italy, NYC (Sept 11-21, 2008)
Black Rabbit – 91 Greenpoint Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

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