Brunch with Bonnie. We were craving pancakes and sat down at a place we thought would have them. They didn’t and we were sat in awkward corner in the shade on a nice sunny day. That was the first time I’ve ever walked out of a restaurant. So we went up the street to Fanny. My first time there. Bonnie got the Baked eggs over Ratatouille and I got the Fried Fish Sandwich, even thought I really wanted the ratatouille. It’s weird how no two people are allowed order the same thing. I understand why I do that, but why do other people when they don’t share in the first place? I ate both anyway and it was good.

Billy, who we ran into over at the Blue Stove bakery, says Fanny also makes a pretty respectable burger. I should try it. It was funny running into him. I walked into the bakery and stared at the pie he was carrying out and didn’t even realize it was him. That’s what happens when you become a food blogger. It’s like being distracted by boobs, but a cherry pie instead.

Fanny – 425 Graham Ave (between Frost St & Withers St) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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