Valducci’s Pizza Truck was parked next to my work handing out free small slices of Sicilian. Based in Staten Island, voted one of the Best NY Pizza in the Daily News 2007. I overheard the owner talking about opening up a shop nearby and/or the mobile truck parking by. The pizza had the cheese and sauce backwards. The bread was good and doughy how I like it. My friend Rob thinks that’s because I’m from Florida …I like my pizza doughy, my fries soggy, my sushi wet. That will be my next Autotune song. I know, I know. Jay Z called death of Autotune. I’m so two-thousand and late.

The free pizza truck has been parked on the corner of W. 24th St and Broadway in Manhattan. Spotted at least twice in recent weeks. One person in line jokingly asked where all the homeless people are for the free pizza. But I think the hobos are the ones laughing at us for wasting our time in long lines for free food.
01 Valducci's pizza truck02 Valducci's Sicilian Pizza

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  1. Heather

    Aw, why didn’t I know about this! I’m in the 30’s on 8th, and always looking for cheap eats!


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