I ran into the elevator with friends from work going out to lunch. None of us knew where we were going. I suggested Astoria Queens, but Keith did one better and suggested a couple of stops to the Hallo Berlin sausage cart in Midtown. There was an old lady that yelled at Adrian for “swaying back and forth like a drunk sailor” in front of the menu she was trying to read 12 feet away. I got the Barack Obama Democracy special (any way to food blog my new Obama wallet) – pick two sausages with cabbage, german fries, and bonus meatball. I chose the Porsche (Berliner-Currywurst) and BMW (Bavarian-lite Weisswurst). The line was worth the wait. It was so good. Surpasses any other Vendy Award winner I’ve tried.

Hallo Berlin German Food Stand – 54th St. & 5th Ave. NYC 11:30am until 3:30pm M-F

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