Tim told me about a Chinese restaurant called Charlie Mom. Is that racist? Well we wanted to check it out. I was curious about the Chinese Spaghetti. Could it be like the spaghetti my dad used to make for me at his Chinese restaurant? –which was lo-mein noodles and sauce made from tomatoes, ketchup, salt, sugar, starch & msg with beef flank slices. It wasn’t amazing spaghetti, but pretty inventive for what you can do in a Chinese kitchen. I’m longing for this taste. Or could it be the type of spaghetti that I’ve had in Hong Kong & China when I was young? –noodles with ground beef sauce with peas and a raw egg on top. The Charlie Mom version was sort of a combination of both –lo-mein noodles and ground beef sauce a little on the sweet side.

Tim got the Diced Chicken with Hot Pepper Sauce (kung pao chicken). It was loaded chili peppers. Mama Mia!

Charlie Mom – 464 6th Ave (btw 11th & 12th St) New York 10011

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  1. HM

    It’s been over a decade since I was there (working nearby), but it was memorable nonetheless. I remember sizzling rice soup there was a standout. Aren’t those scallion pancakes (though sesame pancakes sound like a treat)?

  2. PIPPO

    Yes, this is a long standing place in Manhattan…and have never had a bad meal there. Always a pleasant evening.


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