On set for Rik Cordero’s video for a song from his upcoming movie Inside a Change by Joell Ortiz and The Kickdrums …right down the street from my apt at the Cooper Housing Projects. The outdoor common area was cool. Benches, chess tables, at least three playgrounds. Imagine if us hipsters had a common area like that. I guess that’s called Williamsburg/Bushwick.

A lot of hospitality from the residents. Grilling out, putting the mustard on my dog. One booty girl tried to get Rusty to go up and smoke a blunt with her. A lot of meat and drinks from Western Beef. It was a once in a lifetime experience hanging in the projects.

I put together the backing band for the video. I was really impressed …with myself (j/k). I didn’t know how it was going to go without everyone never ever meeting or practicing. Great job guys. You did awesome.

Rik is nominated for this year’s BET Video Director of the Year. Check it out Sunday June 28th, hosted by Jamie Foxx.

The Rik Cordero Experience…

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