Went to Dallas to visit my family for Thanksgiving. Pretty cool city. I posted a lot on Facebook how I couldn’t wait to some Dallas BBQ. I’m not sure my family got my joke. I was making reference to the NYC chain, Dallas BBQ (which has nothing really to do with Dallas, except that they have Texas-sized Margaritas …which I also made a joke about.) So we ended up getting some BBQ in Dallas and also a bucket of Margarita mix while I was there. My Facebook statuses were manifested!

I over-ordered on the phone with 3 Stacks Smoke House. Only because I got confused with the different sizes of sides in particular. It says $3 for the sides a la carte on the menu. So I had already planned out okay, they are small little things and I’ll order 2-3 of each thing. But then they asked me if I wanted a small or large (pint and quart), which I kind of knew a quart was big, but then in my mind, that meant the small or pint is the size of the small sides at KFC or Popeyes. Then I started second guessing myself if pints and quarts were based on volume or weight. Then I figured well, if the pint is $3, let’s just order all quarts. But I don’t think the pints are $3, because it ended up costing a lot more.

Anyway it was pretty good BBQ food. I’ll blog about the bucket of Margarita mix next!

3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House – 4226 Preston Rd Frisco, TX 75034

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