All of my Facebook was talking about David Byrne at Prospect Park. I figure if I go, I’ll run into someone. The line was super long so I walked around to get some food. I’ve been thinking of Five Guys ever since Obama, but walked in and out because I thought it looked too fattening. Then ended up at Purity Diner and ordered a Mexican Burger (topped with chili and jalapenos) and fries to go. Dumb! They were nice and let me drink beers while I waited. I’m not sure what the rule is when someone asks you how you want your burger. I did say medium rare out of habit, but I’m glad they cooked it at least medium now that I think about it. I’ll save the steak tartare for the fancier places.

So like I say, I ran into friends and shared some wine and fries. Had a fun time watching the jumbotron outside of the bandshell. David Byrne was cool. He still had it in him. The crowd got wild with the Talking Heads hits. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t make the rest of the set so hot. Just write new hit songs yo. At some points I was wondering who the asshole was that choreographed the dancing, but it did make sense when they all wore tutus and I was watching the real non-jumbotron from afar. Anyway the D.B. rocked. Had fun.

Then went to Barbès bar down the street. There was a real cool Latino band, Chicha Libre, playing in the back. One guy looked like my friend Anthony and another like Joey Fatone. That equals Dance party!

Over to Smiling Pizza for the guys. We try to put Jill’s bike into a car service, but it broke the trunk door. Luckily one of the Swedish guys knew how to use a wretch. Well done.

Purity Diner – 289 7th Ave (btw 4th Ave & 5th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11215
Celebrate Brooklyn @ Prospect Park bandshell
Barb̬s bar Р376 9th St (btw 6th Ave & 7th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11215
Smiling Pizza – 323 7th Avenue (btw 4th Ave & 5th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11215

Chicha Libre at Barbès

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