It was Shonali’s birthday and we went rock climbing at Chelsea Piers. I got there a little earlier and felt really awkward being a guy alone watching a bunch of little kids doing gymnastics. It’s like the time I went into Chuck E Cheese by myself. You get a lot of dirty looks.

While my hands turned Oompa Loompa red after the rock climbing, we got dinner at The Half King nearby. I ordered my first Kobe Beef Burger. Even though I’ve heard kobe beef burger is such a bad idea, since it’s a waste of good meat and a burger is already tender because it’s ground meat, it sounds like a great deal at $16. Unfortunately it wasn’t as delicious as I imagined. Kinda dry and lean. Shonali’s regular burger tasted much better to me. …dang, Kobe Bryant!

The Half King – 505 W 23rd St (@ 10th Ave) New York 10011

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