Rob finished his animated video for my band Justice of the Unicorns and it is amazing. We had a grill out at Jody & Christa’s to screen it in full High Def. It was a lot of fun. I brought mini Japanese crab snacks and black bean Gorilla Boogers from Sunrise Mart. I ate quite a few of those crabs (they’re like salty/sweet crackers), not because I really enjoyed them but because I was amazed that you can eat them …especially the claws.

Update: Sam Shady says they sell these Gorilla Boogers – sweetened black beans in Japanese Zoos

The awesome Dragon’s Claw video by Robert Bruce

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  1. admin

    @Melinda & Fireyram …Awesome! Thanks. Sometimes I get a little too anxious with sausage.

  2. Arie

    Hi, really liked your page and those crabs look delicious! Did you include the recipe for them anywhere?

    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      Thanks. I just got those crabs snacks from a bag at a Japanese grocery store. I guess you can make your own. I wonder where you’d get the tiny crabs from though.


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