I forgot that I stumbled by this place the other night, until I saw these photos on my camera. So the GOODS Food Truck is now open. It takes over that old yellow abandoned ice cream trailer that my friends always said they wanted to set up a fried fish shack. Instead 3RD Ward took actual initiative. I did stumble by this place a week before, when they were practicing making burgers and fries. I was quite disappointed in the menu. I expected something fancy and mind blowing like a whole roast pig from these art people.

Anyway, so I stumbled upon them Thursday night. There were a lot of people working in the truck. I looked at the menu and it everything seemed expensive and ordinary (hot dog, burger, fries). Then they told me the special of the day was Gumbo for $8.50. Alright I say! Okay, that’ll be $9.25. Oh right. Then after tip, it’s kinda a lot for a small cup of soup, but it was very meaty with chicken and sausage. I liked it. Expensive, but good. Oh, I get it. Like their name.

GOODS Food Truck – corner of Metropolitan and Lorimer, Williamsburg Brooklyn NY 11211

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