I took a cue from Midtown lunch and picked up lamb and chicken over rice from their #1 rated street meat cart. It was pretty good. Maybe not mind blowing, but it didn’t make me stomach sick. The slices of pita bread was really really good and I never really thought of that being key to any meal. The chicken was like Latino rotisserie flavor, not bland like I usually have had from street carts (not including the hot sauce/white sauce). I sat in Bryant Park enjoying the old men and suits play bocce ball. So the food didn’t make me sick, but I did get a headache afterwards. Maybe it was eating a whole tin container load of food? Or all the sunshine? Maybe I’m allergic to sun and nature? I think I am allergic to cold water.

Halal Guys on the SE corner of 53th St. and 6th Ave (during the daytime). Read this midtownlunch article explaining the difference between daytime/nightime/SW/SE corners. It’s pretty interesting. Someone got killed for butting in line! Dang son.

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