…for Heather and Jeff at Black Rabbit. My first. Fortunately there was a lot of good food, babies, and rain. I also got a few good pics for my new faceblog.

At the end of the day, I was giving away the cute baby shower cupcakes to some strangers and told them they could have them or share them with the other tables. The guy looked at them and freaked out, “I’m not sharing these! These are from sugar Sweet sunshine!”

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  1. Me So Hungry - FOOD BLOG! » Hsin Wong

    […] So I’ve read that the Big Wong of the old days had moved to Hsin Wong around the corner a few years back. It’s interesting how you can learn what is relatively trivial info on the Internet and it will be there for years to come. Like how people 20 years from now can learn that I thought I had Tourrettes when I thirteen because I had a winking facial tick and I swore a lot. I got beef, squid and pork congee with a fried cruller. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t as crowded as Big Wong which I like too. When I was eating, they carted a huge roasted carcass of pork from the back to the front window. It was pretty awesome. I eventually got a pound of roast pork to take to Heather & Jeff’s potluck baby shower. […]


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