It’s a beautiful day to get skin cancer. I grabbed a platter of Fried Fish over Rice from the Halal Cart on 5th Ave (between 21st & 20th St). They had three different rices. A brown one, a light yellow one and a bright saffron yellow one. The light yellow had some vegetables and the rice had big granules.

Overall a decent plate of fish and rice. The guy also tossed on some chicken. Same thing happened with the two people ordering fish ahead of me. Isn’t that a little presumptuous?  Maybe it’s just the company I keep, but usually I assume most fish eaters are pescatarian (vegetarian except for fish/seafood). Most of my friends would have freaked if someone threw chicken on their fish/vegetarian platter.

I took it back to Madison Square Park and sat with all the young folk on the lawn, where they have the new Echo sculpture. It’s surreal sitting next to it. A lot of people taking photos and everyone else acting like it doesn’t exist.

I took a Fatbooth photo of Echo.

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