I’m a sucker for home-style Chinese steam tray point and pick. Tried Ying Du in Midtown. No more hanging ducks in the windows. I got the bittermelon obviously, the pork spareribs and the beef with some intestinal stuff and squash. I didn’t like how they put all my pickins to one side where all the sauces became one. They were all brown, but that doesn’t make them the same. I wish they put the rice flat across and put my selections in it’s own section of the container. It was really good at $4.50. The beef chunks were huge and the pork sparerib meat easily came off the bone.

Then I met up with the Turtles to see the new Dragonball movie for Sam’s b-day. I don’t understand it. Why is Goku white? And why is Chow Yun-Fat Asian?

Ying Du / 38th Street Restaurant & Bakery – 273 W. 38th Street (btw 7th & 8th Ave) New York, NY 10018
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    You should do more pictures like DeFonte’s. Those were awesome.


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