I met up with Suraj for lunch in the Financial District to give him his developer’s mobile phone he asked me to buy. I had met him at the Social Media Conference. It did seem a little sketchy to get a message via Twitter asking if I had an American credit card to buy a phone through a site I never heard of for a guy in Singapore that I had only met once. Phishing scams be damned. I did it. I don’t recommend anyone else doing this. I’m a trained fool.

Anyway, he came back into town and we got food from this Halal truck serving up African style Chicken Stew, Beef Stew, Tilapia Fish over rice and with salad and curried vegetables. Each between $5.50-6.50 a tray. I was able to get half chicken and half beef. Really nice flavors. I liked the chicken more because it was tender. The fish looked really good. I wish there were African style Halal carts/trucks up in my work area.

Kiflu’s Lunch Truck – Ann St & Nassau St. (Financial District) New York, NY 10038

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