I had to do a buffet while in Vegas. Made a quick stop at Paradise Buffet in the Fremont Casino. I thought it was funny they had Japanese Miso soup on their breakfast buffet. Then I met up with Meg Ryan and Greg at Bay City Diner. How many times can we go to Bay City Diner? Let’s say at least once a day.

Off to Red Rock Canyon to get away from the casinos. We brought along firey red snacks like Flamin Hot Munchies, Fiery Habanero Kettle chips and Red Twizzler Nibs to match the scenery. I wanted to shut off my mind while I looked at the mountains. Ryan suggested having a mantra word to repeat. I started off with “pickle” then ended up with “Hinkle”.

After all the nature, we drove to an In-N-Out Burger. Yippee! My first time. We all got double cheeseburgers and fries. I see what all the hype is about. That’s one awesome fast food burger.

Waiting for my flight out at the airport, I ran into Jason and Paul from Yoshie’s Ramen & Friends separately. That’s whack. Small world or growing social network?

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  1. Syd

    God DAMN! That burger!!! I had no idea what the big deal was about In-n-Out before now.

  2. srebrina

    Oh I want one of those burgers baaadly!!! I have been on no meet diet 40 days until Easter, and …it sucks.
    Anyway, I am qurious if I will ever be able to finish such monster!

    • admin

      @srebrina …yeah, that thing was frickin huge. I couldn’t finish mine and me so hungry.

  3. Stef

    I once spent a month in Cali doing fieldwork…I loved In-n-Out…seeing the burger makes me weep I’m not close enough to have one right now 🙁

    A fact you may or may not know is that In-n-Out has one beef distributor, so there are only In-n-Out’s where they can get the beef to them fresh without freezing. So, not only delicious, but fresh and health(ier) too!

    • admin

      @Stef …yeah, I guess that makes sense. Only if they could have a In-N-Out and a Waffle House in NYC/Brooklyn. They’d be a huge hit. Dang, I want me some double hash browns all the way.

  4. Marie

    Being a girl who grew up in San Diego and now living in Tennessee for a while I have to say that is one of the things I miss most…Now that I’m pregnant I crave In and out…I’m damned

  5. Adelina

    If there is anything I missed about not living in California, one of the things would be this burger joint. I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOVE the burger and the fries!

  6. sextonrules311

    In-N-Out is actually still owned by the same family that started it. the only reason they are in cali, nevada, and arizona, is because in-n-out runs all aspects of their company, even the trucking. and yes, they have to be close to their beef supplier so it is never frozen.


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