I decided it would be the day of the week I would eat starchy carbs. Then walked around for an hour because I couldn’t decide what to eat. So then I decided not to eat carbs and get a quarter Jerk Chicken and Steamed Broccoli from 2 Brothers Pizza Plus. That line was too damn long. So I went to Terry’s Gourmet Deli to get a Goat Roti (big flour wrap stuffed with potatoes). There’s the carbs!

I’m not sure how it was almost $10 this time. It was $6 last time a year ago. How did it go up almost $4? I need to get back on my slow-carb diet anyway. I literally can’t afford to eat more carbs.

Terry’s Gourmet Deli – 575 6th Ave (@ W 16th St) New York, NY 10011

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