I ran into a friend that I made on the subway who’s now starting up a food video blog for Fader Magazine soon. Can’t wait to check it out. She gave me a tip on this new banh mi shop close to our work and they have a sandwich called the Sloppy Bao –a Vietnamese take on the Sloppy Joe with spicy curried beef. I asked for it spicy and I got real sweaty. Awesome!

…by the way, I can’t figure out why my sweaty pits smell like celery. It started happening several months back –right around the time I started food bloggin. I’d like to think they’re my pheromones.

Baoguette – 61 Lexington Ave (btw 25th & 26th St) New York 10010
Roboppy’s awesome pics of these sandwiches (via Serious Eats)

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